The Best Backyard Wedding Ideas on a Budget

We’re all looking to have the most amazing wedding possible, right? We always want to put our best foot forward and make sure that both our family and friends enjoy the experience – as well as make it something that can be remembered for a long time. Backyard wedding ideas on a budget could help you save a lot of money, but still, produce a quality wedding that’s going to be an enjoyable memory. With the tips I’ve got to offer you today, planning the perfect wedding (that takes place in your backyard) shouldn’t be hard at all. As a matter of fact, it should be a bit easier than putting together your typical wedding.

It’s always tough to come up with reasonable wedding ideas, especially if you aren’t trying to pay an extensive amount of money. We’re always looking to improve upon what’s already planned, but sometimes you’ve just got to let things happen as they may – and other times, you’re going to need some vigorous planning skills.

Planning a backyard wedding ideas on a budget?

Saving money is something that everybody can enjoy, especially when you can come with affordable yet elegant backyard wedding ideas on a budget. Many of us might even consider it an option because we prefer small gatherings, as opposed to incredibly large ones (like a traditional wedding would offer up). That isn’t to say that you can’t have a relatively large wedding in your backyard, but you’ve got to be able to have relatively strong goals. You can’t just say you’re going to plan the wedding, and then never follow through with your ideas. This article should help you figure out how to plan the perfect backyard wedding, as well as make sure that you’re working with beautiful outside wedding ideas on a budget (and nothing else).

You can also have a much more personal vibe to the entire wedding itself, as well as plan out intricate details (without paying too much money). You want to save cash here, but you obviously don’t want to be too cheap with everything.

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The planning steps

When you want to learn how to plan a backyard wedding on a budget, you’ll need to have a few ideas in the back of your head beforehand. If you don’t even know where to begin, try and use the internet to your advantage. You’ll have to plan out where the actual reception is going to take place, as well as where you’ll be placing all of the seating and such. This isn’t an easy thing to do, but it’s a must – especially if you want to have the perfect backyard wedding on a budget. Backyard weddings are becoming more and more common these days, mainly because they offer up a much more personalized experience. Not only that, but it will also allow you to save money – but you shouldn’t over-plan.

Don’t try and fit as much as you possibly can into the entire ordeal, try and keep things simplistic and sweet; that’s the way a backyard should truly be. Some people might have specific preferences, so it’s all about what you want to do in the end; all I can do is make suggestions.

The Preparation

Preparing the entire wedding itself is going to be the hardest portion because you’ll have to gather all of the “ingredients.” Since we’re looking to plan a wedding on a budget, you should always be conscious about the amount of money being spent. I have a rule of thumb when it comes to affordable backyard weddings, and that would be that I can never spend over $1,000 on one particular product. I used standard steel chairs that you would see at a high school dance (or something) – and my wife’s father was already a great woodworker.

You should ask your group of friends for their help, especially if they have any technical skills (like woodworking to make sure the altar stage/presentation looks as good as possible, with as little of a cost as possible). You’ve got to prepare as if you were looking to have your wedding within an 8-week span; I would say that’s the absolute latest that you could go about planning your very own backyard wedding.

Figure out a Theme

Backyard wedding ideas on a budget will obviously need a theme to work with. Without a theme, planning your wedding is going to be like throwing random colors at a painting canvas – you’ve got to have some aura! The best backyard weddings are inexpensive but always consist of amazingly put-together knick-knacks and decorations. You don’t need to pay a lot of money to come up with fabulous decorations for your wedding, all you need is a little bit of creativity. Most of the time, it’s going to come in the form of your family and friends. Some easy to work with themes would be:

  • Naturalistic
  • “Green Theme” Weddings (green foods/drinks)
  • Sports
  • A “Family-Gathering” Type (like a barbeque)
    Like I always say, different strokes for different folks – these might not be good simple outdoor wedding ideas for you. If they aren’t, just come up with a few for yourself.

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    Don’t Be Foolish: Invest in a Canopy!

    To be honest, most of the time you’re only going to be paying a decent amount of money for would be the canopy. Almost every single wedding needs some tent or canopy if it’s taking place outside, and that’s where most of your budget will lie.

    If you can successfully manage your budget when it comes to the food and the setting of your wedding, the canopy shouldn’t be a problem at all. We’re trying to save money here, but we also want the best possible wedding that we could plan.

    In Conclusion

    If you need a little help on some more backyard wedding ideas on a budget, then don’t be afraid to ask a friend! Odds are you’ll have at last one or two friends who have had a very small backyard wedding for themselves or know someone who has. At any rate, a backyard wedding is still going to be a reasonable option for all of us.

    5 Best Places for a Destination Wedding in the World

    Best Places for a Destination Wedding

    You only get married once, or twice, or thrice. Anyway, however, many times, you want the wedding destination to be memorable to you and the guests. The best places for a destination wedding are surrounded by nature, water, and nothing else but lovely noises from birds in their habitat.

    What do you want in a wedding venue? As the bride, the day belongs to you. You want nothing but peace, calm, and beauty. You want the surroundings to be beautiful enough to captivate, but not too consuming that the attention is focused on them. It’s your day, remember. Islands have that effect; beautiful without imposing, with the water body large enough to make you feel small but grateful.

    While there are thousands of islands in the world, we will only cover five of the best places for a destination wedding.

    1. Lamu, Kenya

    This Kenyan Costal island steals your heart in more ways than one. While the main town, Lamu, has no much to offer, the inner island, Watamu, is an amazing getaway. The first thing that meets your eye when you land in the small island is the expanse of the shoreline. The white beaches extend for miles, making it the ideal place to take an evening stroll, or even lay down as you watch the uninhibited sunset. A bonus, the only company you will have, is the sound of the water lapping around you.

    Why Get Married Here? It is breathtaking. The island is almost inhibited, with the majority of locals living in other small islands. It is exquisitely private. The beach extends for miles, leaving you enough space to set up and get down to the best wedding venue and reception ever. The weather is fantastic all year round, as you would expect of coastal regions. The ocean makes it breezy, and so it is not as hot as the inland areas. There are plenty of hotels offering international standards of care, and the local cuisine is mouthwatering.

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    2. Aruba, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    You want a place with lots sunshine, water, plenty of mouthwatering food, and laughter never take a break? Aruba is your ideal destination. Apart from being just breathtaking, it is also safe from hurricanes, thanks to the island being located south of the hurricane belt. That’s just one of the reasons why it is one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean.

    Why get married here? For starters, the weather is simply beautiful. Any day of the year is a good time to have your wedding. There is such a diverse culture, seeing that the island attracts all sorts of people. You have Africans, Europeans, and Indians, a beautiful blend of islanders. Your guests will not only get the chance to get away, but they will also experience the delectable Aruban cuisine that is a mix of three distinct heritages. All you will need are passports, birth certificates, witnesses, and of course be single. Later, the warm waters on this side of the ocean await you.

    3. Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

    Las Catalinas is a unique town and certainly one of the best places for a destination wedding. It is breathtakingly natural with the green waters of the Pacific Ocean surrounding it. It is small, serene, with limited movements of automobiles, and more on-foot traffic. The people in this beautiful island are warm and welcoming, especially given that they are isolated from the world most of the year.

    Why get married here? Because the serenity of this island is like no other. The expansive white beaches fill your heart with gratitude for nature, and the birds sing their greetings in the morning. After the wedding, your guests can indulge in a host of activities available on the island. Snorkeling, kayaking, mountain biking, boat surfing, or just relaxing at the extravagant Club House.

    4. Maui, Hawaii

    Waterfalls, rainbows, and hundreds of breathtaking beaches are only a few of the things that make Maui one of the best places for a destination wedding. The natives are all fun and welcoming, which makes it feel like a second home. The beauty and hospitality will make you want to come back here. If you or your guests want to enjoy a run in the woods, Maui will give you that, as you only need to look beyond the waters.

    Why get married here? If the ocean and the beaches are not enough inspiration, the weather is. Maui is hot throughout the year, with temperatures ranging between 70 and 80 degrees F during the day. November all through April is the rainy season, but it never gets gloomy here. Winter and early spring are tourist seasons, so you could skip those and opt for the other seasons if you want serenity. You also get to save a little money.

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    5. Cayman Islands, Caribbean

    If you are like me, your knowledge of the Caymans comes from fiction novels where the island is depicted as the preferred tax haven for corrupt lawyers, politicians, and businesspeople. Well, it is no secret that the Cayman Islands are a tax haven, but that’s not all they have to offer. The Gorgeous backdrop, expansive white beaches, paths beautifully lined with pine and palm trees, and the expansive ocean all at your service.

    Why get married here? The three top islands have seen their fair share of weddings, and so they are not short of venues and pros. Pros will do all your planning with lengthy exposure to the Caribbean and international culture. The hotels here have the best service, and their capacity is limitless. There is no shortage of fun activities, from snorkeling to rafting. If you want to avoid crowds, then December all through April is a no-go.

    Here’s to Your Nuptials!

    These places are only a fraction of the best places for a destination wedding. Wherever you decide to hold yours, we hope that sunshine and love abide. Not only through the day, but also throughout your new life. Cheers to nature’s beauty and plenty of sunshine.